July 10, 2018

It says something about the resilient character of Connecticut that, even with all of our problems and with a future so notoriously bleak, that there are still dozens of people running in our gubernatorial election.

Sure, following a repugnant imbecile like Dannel "Um U...

April 9, 2018

It speaks to Facebook's hubris that they probably did not see this coming.

Sure, the RussiaGate storyline required at least a soupçon of evil Russian Facebook trolls -- Putinist villains who allegedly purchased less than $100k worth of ads, most of which went up after t...

March 18, 2018

Driving the somber backroads of southeastern Connecticut at night is always a tense experience. These roads bend quickly, both around ancient trees and over desolate farm hills. Sure, you can try to drown out the eeriness by blasting The Doors at full volume and incohe...

February 25, 2018

“If you are for gun control, then you are not against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that you are anti-gun. You’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So you’re very pro-gun; you just believe that only the Gover...

February 4, 2018

Dude, this was like the craziest f'in week ever.

The Republicans like finally totally jumped the shark. And they endangered the country. Like, literally, we could be invaded at any second. 

Or, dude, maybe we have been invaded already! Like the election w...

January 6, 2018

Donald Trump has been President for almost one year. And by now we all know the real reason why this happened:

Not because Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate. Not because Trump represented a pushback to the neoliberal / neoconservative empire.

It was because those...

October 8, 2017

Over recent months, the corporate media has been persistently hinting at the fact that 2012 and 2016 Green Party presidential nominee, Dr. Jill Stein, is somehow involved in the RussiaGate conspiracy. 

Despite America's real left-wing resisting this neo-McCarthyist agen...

September 4, 2017

During her lifetime, the writer Ayn Rand was a staunch defender of both individualism and technology. Under her rational egoist philosophy, which she dubbed "Objectivism," reality must ultimately be understood via the individual mind. As such, in books like...

August 23, 2017

On the most recent edition of the PRIMO NUTMEG podcast, the Director of the Cato Institute's Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives, George Selgin, gave a quick and concise run-through on the history of money and banking. 

In addition to speaking about the First...

August 9, 2017

In the world of comics, Dan Jurgens needs no introductions. Over the course of the past 35 years, Jurgens has worked on some of the biggest comic franchises DC and Marvel have to offer -- including working on the historic Death and Return of Superman storyline. 


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